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20 Dec 2008

Uh oh!

Ok where to start the story.............   I was placing my su order...... then turned to hear arrrggghh and find my youngest with his head well and truly stuck in the potty chair,  
this is the only non blurry photo i managed to get because i was laughing so hard, ( his hood is only up because the potty was cutting into his neck and was not the reason it took and hour to get him out!) 
He was most upset with the situation and my hysterical laughter was not helping the situation, I called my husband at work but was laughing so hard he couldn't understand me, and thought someone had died, 
 I then had to contact the school to tell them i couldn't pick my eldest up and that my friend was going to meet him as i couldn't get youngest in the car seat due to the potty being stuck on his head.    ( as you can imagine i managed all the conversation quite normally until it came to explaining about the potty)  But thanks to my friend Trina  :)  normal service has been resumed, after me trying for an hour to squeeze and pull the potty off i decided it was time to get out the saw, but needed help to hold him still.........  Only trina has had experience of getting these off heads before and it turns out if you bear hug the potty chair it slides right off.  So A BIG THANK YOU goes out to trina!!!!!!!!

Hope it gave you all as good a laugh as i had!

This same son has also in the past week managed to smash our new television with a hair brush, colour our cream sofa in with a blue wax crayon and doodle all over the stair case with a ball point pen,  I thought things were meant to happen in threes not fours!  But we still love him ;0



Nancy said...

Oh, thanks so much for the wonderful laugh today!!! It is totally something that my 4 year old would do!

Jan said...

Oh how funny!!! Now that's what I call a Kodak moment! LOL.

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

That is too funny, but I am sure very scary for the poor guy! You just never know what boys are going to get into!

Carolynne H said...

Oh Abi! Thanks for a great belly laugh! Only a true crafter would think to stop and take a photo first...! Been there, forgot to take the photo...! Glad its all ok and didnt end up with a call to the Fire Dept like mine did!!! (Soooooo embarrassing!)

BTW, is he 2 by any chance?

stampin abi said...

Hi carolynne, lol he's just turned 3 actually, my husband wanted me to call the fire brigade actually! :)

Ann said...

Oh, my! Glad he's okay, but OMGosh! Too funny!!!!!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh my word, that is just plain hilarious!!! I laughed till tears ran down my cheeks. Bet he keeps you on your toes! I love boys & all of their antics.

Mission Viejo, CA

Loretta Rodger said...

Too funny! Hopefully he won't do that again!

Sorry, I can't tell you he'll outgrow these times, since the 14 year old managed to run into an old woman in a wheel chair with our grocery buggy "Oh I didn't see her", felt like decking the kid right there!