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8 Jan 2009

My Challenge

I've decided to set my self a little challenge (not a new year resolution i never keep them),    I have quite a few stamp sets which i rarely use so my challenge to my self is to make at least one card/ scrapbook page or altered item everyday making use of all the stamp sets which i haven't used for a while................................. we'll see how long it lasts shall we ;)

Why not join me and make use of some forgotten stamps!



Amanda said...

I really need you try this myself. Great idea!

Jackie said...

Already doing that...love the idea!!!

Elizabeth said...

Great idea! My aim this year is to USE UP my stash! I have so much lovely paper that I just stroke - this year I WILL use it!

Kelly said...

I have quite a few stamps that have never touched ink as well. Once I get my room put back together (this weekend hopefully) I will join you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect challenge...Though I know I would blow it within a week coz family/life usually pulls me away from my art table at least a few times each week!

Susan said...

I have been doing the same thing for about a month now. And, in addition to tryint to use them, I decided that if I can't make something work with it, then it goes in my sell pile - which is growing everyday! Good luck with your goal.