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12 Mar 2009

Slight disruption to normal blogging :)

Sorry everyone i haven't had chance today to make or post any cards, it's just been one of those days!

I picked my son up from pre school then decided to take him shopping with me to trago mills, which is about 40 minutes from our house, so we are quite happily going along when i realise that i need to get fuel,
so we take a slight detour to the petrol station only for me to realise that i don't have my wallet with me and we need to return home,
So off we drive back home to get some money so we can go shopping.............  only we don't get that far... as we are driving along the dual carriage way i hear a thump and then a scrape from under the car, I knew instantly what it was , the plastic underside of the car under the engine had come loose and was scraping on the ground... luckily we this had happened right next to an emergency pull in so i stop to check it out.

Nope nothing i can do about it i need help,  so i get out my phone to call for help to find i have no calling credit and no battery, at this point stuck on a very fast road with a 3 year old i started to panic and start hoping someone nice will stop and help me as i think this a police car does an emergency stop from the fast lane and comes to see if i am ok.

I  promptly turn into a crying girl because i am so glad to see someone and he lets me use his mobile phone and lets my 3 year old play with the siren and look at the computer while we wait for the break down truck.

He was really lovely and although he will most probably never read this blog i would like to say a huge THANK YOU to him for giving up his lunch ( which he was on his way home to get) and helping me.

He was a train enthusiast and had alot to talk to my 3 year old about although he didn't get much response and he very kindly :)  checked my car was taxed and insured while he was there lol  (good job i sorted all that out last week!!)

So i will try and get some crafting done later and post some new creations for you soon. but i've been a bit busy :)



Angela said...

What a trying day, I am glad all turned out o.k.

Martha said...

oh so sad!.
sorry you went through that, good thing someone was there to help you out.

Linda Barutha said...

What a crazy day for you! At least no one was hurt! Enjoy the rest of your day:)

Kathy said...

Damsel in distress rescued by man in uniform!
I don't know what I'd have done in your shoes. You were lucky a friendly policeman was passing by.

Carisa said...

He was an angel in uniform - So glad he had to go home to get his lunch so he would see you that day. I love hearing stories like this and glad it all worked out for you!

Anonymous said...

Very lucky indeed! A fellow in uniform! mmm!

I so would not not know what was the matter with my car should it have a little breakdown attack.

EricaMcG said...

Awwww...don;t you just love the good guys! I have one of my very own! :) I'm so glad you and your son are safe. You'll have to try that shopping outing again soon!