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8 Nov 2009

Oh My word!!!!!!!

This is a post that I shouldn't be making as I most definitely should still be asleep!!! recovering!!!! :)

Intrigued?????? well for those of you that didn't know this weekend saw the first EVER European Stampin' Up! convention which was held in Frankfurt Germany and of course as you might have guessed I went along to find out what all the fuss was about :)

and OH MY!!! all of you from the US that have told me how great convention is were most definitely not exaggerating!! It was great!!

so here come the all important Convention photo's!!!!

This Is me ( of course) with one of my down line team Lisa ( hi Lisa * big wave*) at the awards dinner in bad homburg

This of course is the Stampin' Up! management team Including our own lovely Paula from the UK and the UK demonstrator support team Eileen and Chris ( big waves ) sorry still excited :) and of course Shelli, Sterling Pam and Dave form the US.
We had such a great time we met loads of new people ( insert the crazy Americans !!! Sara, Kelly and Emily HI!!! ) I had to post this photo as it was the start of my many many giggling fits through out the trip. Kelly has some more great pictures on her blog HERE so make sure you check those out my camera stopped taking photo's so don't have many that i took my self :( although everyone assures me they are going to send me copies of theirs!!!
This is Elaine.
OK so this photo might need a little more explanation than that :) Elaine will for ever be known to us as uurgh ( it's ok she knows what I mean lol) and she is so funny!!! Elaine is one of our new Scottish friends and the reason I am so tired!!!! in a good way we just stayed up way too late!! I don't think either of us have a photo of each other where we look serious or aren't pulling a silly face and I'm a little worried that the Stampin' Up! camera man might have caught us being silly a few times. oooops
Of course this is the Shelli photo ( well one of them any way ) Because there aren't as many demonstators in Europe as the Us convention was really great, it was really personal and we got to talk to Shelli and Sterling quite a lot. They are both lovely and so happy all the time.

Shelli Gardener is the co founder and ceo of Stampin' Up! she is so lovely and has some really great creative ideas, she demo'd some really great projects.

Of course also in this picture are two of our other new friends Angie and Sandra ( ooops sorry put it right). HI :)

Oh and of course I was one of the 25 UK demonstrators of the year :) I came 23rd out of 350 ( I think that's right if it's more someone please tell me) demonstrators in the UK , which I thought was really nice, you can read more about this experience here.................................................. you see........Unfortunately it meant I had to go on stage and any one that knows me knows that's not such a good idea, I'm accident prone at the best of times and the floor was really slippery so that combined with high heels.............. well you guessed it not good huh.

There was so much to see so many great ideas check out the next few posts over the coming weeks for all the fantastic projects and may be some more photo's of me with Shelli :) ( well only the one's where i don't look so short!! )

Any how we had an absolutely amazing time!!! and am certainly going next year when European convention will be held in.......................................................................................................................................................................

THE UK !!!!! ( insert big cheers and wooops of delight!! ) London to be exact.

How cool is that right on our door step so If you would love to come to THE most exciting and fun stamping event you will ever attend check out the demonstrator starter kit offer it's only running for another week until the 13th November so don't miss out join the Stampin' Up! family and have so much fun sharing your love of crafts and come to convention with us next year!!!!

Love Abi x


Rosina said...

I wish I could have been there but I'm sure I'll be able to come next year, send me email to tell me all about it.

Marion said...

Glad you had a great time. Sounded like fun.

Kelly said...

The Yanks? you labeled our picture the Yanks? And of all the wonderful pictures you have of us you put this one on your blog? LOL! Emily will be thrilled :) Glad your home safe and recovering.

Elaine said...

Missing you already - URUUUUGGGGGGG


Thanks for making weekend so special. Great to make a new friend. Will keep in touch.


Emma said...

Whoop, whoop Abi - congratulations on your fantastic achievement. It sounds like you had the most fun at convention and your pics are brilliant too, especially the one with you looking so gorgeous in you awards outfit .

See you in London next year :D

Abi Bundy said...

Thanks Emma!

butterflyamanda said...

congratulations!!!! on your award superstar sounded as if you had many laughs and giggles can't wait for next year you can count me in, i am there!!!!

Lesley said...

Congratulations Abi - well deserved! Sounds like you had SUCH a great time!
Lesley x

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

Congrats on your award, Abi! I am so glad you had a great time!

Lisa Runnalls said...

Hi Abi, thanks again for your company at the convention.Thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to everyone. Also a big Hi to Uurgh (Elaine) and the YANKS. They were all great fun. (the Yanks saved the day & supplied us with Pepsi when the fizzy water got too much!!!)
Congratuations again Abi for the award. I think you also won the award for the fastest person across the stage when accepting it!!
Hi also to Angie & Sandra (I think you didn't quite get the names right but nearly).

Valscrap Démo Stampin up ! said...

Thank you so much for your swap ! I love it !!!
hope to see you next year in London !

Alison said...

How exciting! I am jealous!

NancyK said...

I sounds like you had a fabulous time!