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7 Oct 2009

Who pinched the batteries???

Ok so normally I loose the camera...................... this time I know exactly where the camera is ( in my hand ) but it appears someone has pinched the batteries from it thus rendering it completely useless! arrrgg! feeling very frustrated!

So please mr battery pincher ( aka hubby) please get me some more batteries on your way home from work and stop pinching mine!!

OK since posting this my very clever 6 year old found said wii remote with pinched batteries so please mr battery pincher please still buy some batteries as I am hiding the camera so it doesn't get lost and you can't pinch my batteries!

Have a great day! :) xxx


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Heh he! We have rechargable batteries that also get swaped between the Wii remote and my Digi cam!
I'm often found cursing my husband and son when they are too flat for my camera. I really must invest in some more! Xx

Rosina said...

Thanks for reminding me my camera needs new batteries too, lol.

MariLynn said...

My battery thief is usually my teenage daughter for her camera.
Maybe I should start hiding my camera too.