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13 Apr 2010

Absolutely no stamping today!

quick peak in my craft cupboard....................... I'd call it a room but after seeing pictures of other peoples "rooms" I'm not sure my 6" square space qualify's  any way...... so this is where I work it doesn't normally look quite as tidy as this and you really don't need to now how long it took me to make it look like this for the photo but I thought I should take the pic just to prove it can look tidy!   I was going to show you every detail but due to the fact that I couldn't get far enough away from anything to take a photo you'll just have to use your imagination (this picture is actually 3 photo shopped together so it looks a bit bigger)

Any way I'm not in my craft room today because the weather out side is so gorgeous I thought I'd make the most of it  hope you all have a great day and get some crafting done!  I'm leaving you with a quick picture of something with absolutely no stamping at all.....

made this at a craft class a couple of weeks ago!



Jacqueline (Scraps of Life) said...

Abi, I would trade you your 6' square space for my 6' wall any day! lol I would LOVE to have that much space to work in! Or at least to store all my stuff in! I envy you :D And I don't blame you for not spending a beautiful day inside. Enjoy the moment!

Dotty Jo said...

Hi Abi, looks like a fun creative space!!! Cute tree, Jo x

Joanne Travis said...

I love your happy place, Abi!! You get great natural sunlight there too. You should see my desk (or maybe not). I can't find the surface most of the time :)

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for sharing your craft room - I love to see where people work. Enjoy the sunshine.

Cheryl said...

Ooooh, very cool!

Kathy Simpson said...

Would definately swap your room for my windowless cupboard! :) At least with Stampin' Up! products I don't have to worry about colour matching.

butterflyamanda said...

i love your room/cupboard it's bigger than my corner of the front room!! i think i may just be able to squeeze myself in there no problem lol did you get anything nice for your 30th birthday mum!!! hugs Amanda

the blues said...

That tree is really pretty! love your mini craft space too!