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29 Aug 2010

Foreign visitors and a bit of crafting!

Down here in Cornwall tourists are called Emmets.... in Devon they are called Groccels...  well here's one on a rather fancy bike!!!  this is my friend Sandra we met at Stampin' Up! Convention last November and she's been down to Cornwall for a visit with her hubby  and thought she'd pop in and i just had to take a photo of her on her bike!  How cool is that!  the local youths all had a good look at it as they walked past too!  That is one HUGE bike! trike you get the idea! :)

So we couldn't get together without doing a bit of crafting so thought i'd share it with you today, colours a re a bit halloweeny it wasn't intentional but these projects would be perfect halloween treats,

 (I was actually just matching the Kinder chocolate wrappers when i chose the colours)  But i think they are really cute,  Sandra didn't get to see the cards finished so here they are!

Any how hope you have a nice restful sunday!

Thanks for dropping by!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for a lovely time. It didn't rain all day - the waterproofs obviously frightened it away !!! It was lovely to catch up again and the weather did improve as the week went on ........ honestly.