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19 Dec 2010

christmas panick setting in????

wow  just realising that we have 5 days until christmas,

* my christmas cards are made  ( but not written or sent so if you don't get one please don't be offended it's the thought that counts!!!)

* I have started most of the hand made gifts and finished a few even if i haven't actually got around to sending them yet and now realising that i only have a few days to go!  oh no! getting stuck in tomorrow!

* snow and ice is everywhere damage to my car is minimal so far.... and i wish to keep it that way after my ice skating escapade this morning so christmas shopping that has not been done may not be done by friday...........  engaging thinking cap for interesting easy to create presents!!!!

* how ever on the up side I know that i am getting a new camera for christmas!!!  yay!!  so i will soon be able to take some lovely photo's to share with you all as my camera died a painful death a couple of weeks ago so apologies for the lack of pictures and posts,

* and although i have been pretty ill over the past few weeks i am now feeling slightly better (most of the time)  note to self remember to drink plenty of water so as to not get dehydrated!!!

so  for now I am just popping by to remind you all Inserted in large print so you can skip the boring but above lol

My New Stampers 10 group is starting in January you can find more information about it here  this club needs 10 members to start and the last few spaces will go quick so don't miss out email me today to start earning free Stampin' Up! goodies!!

Hope you all have a Great Christmas!!!  I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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