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17 Jan 2012

Creativity of the edible kind...

My son has been reading the gingerbread man at school which he seems to have been enjoying...

how ever this means that I've been nagged at to make ginger bread men for about 3 weeks
not as bad as i think i hear you say... well gingerbread is probably one of my least favourite things....
(it's the ginger yuk reminds me of morning sickness..)

and so is the temper tantrum caused by refusal to buy ginger also evident in this picture..

So i managed to convince him to make vanilla biscuits instead.. much better which he promptly informed me had to be posted on here for every one to see so as an obedient mother here is his post... 
and in his words they tasted ggggggrrreeat!!

glad he was happy in the end!

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