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30 Jun 2012

just dying to sew...

I have a few long term projects on the go at the moment most of which involve the sewing machine, which at the moment I am finding increasingly  hard to find the time to get it out and have a go
what with little Amelia getting up to all sorts of mischief whenever my back is turned!

Well I had to make an exception for my lovely friend Su, who won't even know I have posted this as she doesn't check out my blog very often.  Love ya Su xx

we went shopping and she got this lovely dress which looked fab but was a little bit too short so we (i use the WE very loosely here and could be spelt she) decided i could help her out with some alterations which to my surprise went really well :)

Well we needed some crochet to match in with the rest of the dress and i had a brain wave lets have a go at using the Stampin' Up! Crochet trim and dying it....
 it turned out brilliantly  I am a bright spark sometimes LOL

And there ends my story, I have fallen in love with the crochet trim once again now i realise it is 100% cotton and i can die it to match all my sewing projects and i may just have to buy it in bulk so i don't ever run out!

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