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26 Feb 2013

Feeling a bit glum...

So the house move has finally happened    YAY!!    and I am busy sorting all the boxes out and unpacking..... only to find that the camera has gone missing, hopefully it is just missing and not LOST!!!
 All my craft stuff is now stored in the place I don't want it and is not accessible....

I am having withdrawal symptoms!!

so because the camera is missing I am even unable to show you the extent of the boxes which we are currently living amongst...

I am not an ultra tidy person but I do like to know where the things I need are and clearly we are not the most organised of movers as I have no idea where anything is!!

However today I found the phone charger and we are now connected to the Internet!!  Big Hoorah!

so how have I been posting for the past week I hear you cry that would be the wonders of blogger and the scheduling button!! however blogger did not remind me to pack the camera in something I would be able to find easily!

So there may be a slight delay in more pictures at least until I can actually find some stamps to stamp with and of course the elusive camera.

I think I may need to have an unpacking party any volunteers??


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