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11 Nov 2010

Our weekend.. opportunity to scrap i think..

Right so we had a really great time at convention like i said in the last post but i thought you might like to get a feel for what it was like so i put together a little montage of pictures to help you...

It was held at Addigton palace which was an 18th century palace not really built for 300+ demonstrators but it was "cosy" as shelli said on her blog.

Momento mall was great this year we could actually buy things there!
It was great to have some more of my Angels there with me this year!
and we got to Stamp as well....
of course we had to have photo's with shelli, she really is such a lovely lady,
Unfortunately her husband Sterling wasn't able to come this year as he's broken his collar bone and also we missed Chris from demo support too!

Then there were the friends we caught up with and the new ones we made there!

and the hanging out in the evenings which was REALLY fun!

All in ALL had a fantastic time i promise i will post our creations as soon as my batteries are recharged ( the camera ones and my own)

Definitely going to have to scrap these this year!

My good friend KELLY  has put together a page on her blog solely for the display boards of creations at convention you can view those HERE  the page i made up of lots of demo's photo's that they shared with her ( i'm kind of glad she did it because my camera died again and i didn't get many so thanks kelly!!)

SO i'm excited and so are my kids because next years Stampin' Up! convention is going to be at DISNEY LAND PARIS !  so planning for that trip already! 

would you like to come too?
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