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17 Nov 2011

Fantastic Fabrics...

As alot of you know i started out as a sewer and i still love dabbling with fabric even though I've discovered stamping!!

so the new fabrics which have been added to this years catalogue suit me right down to the ground.. the only problem i have is deciding which ones to get next! 
so while you are reading this I've swanned off   left  for convention ... so exciting! and four of my girls have been able to go along too this year....  we'll miss the ones who couldn't make it though!!  hope they can come next year!

here's some little gifts which i made for the girls that could go ...

 this bag is lisa's.... she specified she wanted a bigger bag!!!  can't wait to see her swaps which she's going to put in it!

this one is hayley's  they all had a convention survival kit and a matching note book too....

kathy's..  i love this wisteria wonder fabric  sooo pretty!

and jaynes ! i wanted to make them all different...

They were fun to make!

see you again soon !


1 comment:

Kathy Simpson said...

Thanks so much for my lovely bag, had a great time at convention. Finger crossed I get to go next year. :)